4 Channel HDBaseT Output Card

4 Channel HDBaseT Output Card



Specifically design for the intelligent HD Mixed Switchers, support 4- channels high-speed RJ45 interface output, support the transmission of Digital HD 1080P signal, with highly integrated board design. You can choose the quantity of board card arbitrarily according to your demands, which brings great convenience for application and maintenance.


  • 4- channels high-speed RJ45 interface output.
  • Use CAT5e/6 wire, the longest distance is 100m.
  • Pixel bandwidth: 225MHz, all-digital.
  • Interface bandwidth: 3.25Gbps, all-digital.
  • Support EDID editing function.
  • compatible with HDBaseT protocol.
  • Maximum support resolution:
  • HDPC: 1920 x 1200P@60_24bit, HDTV: 1920 x l080P@60_36bit.
  • Plug and play, very convenient.


Interface 4- channels high-speed RJ45 interface output
Pixel Bandwidth 225MHz, all-digital
Interface Bandwidth 3.25Gbps, all-digital
Max Supporting  Resolution  

Normal-PC: 1600 x 1200@60_24bit

HDTV: 1920 x 1080P@60_36bit
HDCP: 1920 x 1200P@ 60_24bit
Signal Type High-speed differential signal defined in HDBaseT protocol
Max Power consumption 12W
Weight About 0.8Kg
Max Input Distance 100m