HD Commercial Series 4*4 HDBaseT Matrix

HD Commercial Series 4*4 HDBaseT Matrix



 NV-MCMC-MCS-HT817 is an integrated HDBaseT technology matrix switcher, supporting input signal: 4 channel HDMI video signals, 4 channel IR signals. Support output signal: 4 channel HDBaseT video signals, 2 channel local HDMI video signals, 4 channel IR signals, 4 channel digital audio signals, 4 channel analog audio signal. Support 4Kx2K resolution video signal; HDBaseT ports support PoC function; support EDID learning function with manual settings, and can communicate with the distal two-way IR, RS232. Diverse and flexible control modes, can control by remote control, front panel buttons, IR, RS232 serial port, GUI graphical user interface.


  • Support HDMI 1.4, 4Kx2K, and 3D signal, compatible HDCP 1.4 standards.
  • Input with HDCP automatic detection function, and can manually manage HDCP function (on / off).
  • Automatic recognition input resolution.
  • Support Input signal: 4 channel HDMI, 4 channel IR.
  • Support Output signal: 4 channel HDBaseT, 2 channel local HDMI loop out, 4 channel IR signal, 4 channel audio and 4 channel analog audio signal.
  • 4 channel HDBaseT output ports support PoE function, 1080P signal transmission can be up to 70 meters far, and 4K×2K signal transmission can be up to 35 meters far.
  • HDMI, HDBaseT port supports hot plug.
  • HDMI embedded audio format support PCM, Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS-HD, support output stereo audio PCM format.
  • The front panel buttons can query input / output port connection status, channel switching corresponding states, input/output signal whether with HDCP, output signal resolution etc.
  • Support RS232 two-way transmission: point-to-point control remote (3 pin), multiple-to-one remote control of the machine (3 pin), one-to-multiple remote control(DB9), one to one remote control machine (Db9).
  • Support IR two-way control: point-to-point control the machine, one-to-many control (IR
  • ALL IN), multiple-to-one control (IR matrix).
  • Support GUI interface control function.
  • Support intelligent EDID management function.
  • Built-in five kinds EDID data’s, EDID data can be sent via the front panel buttons or the serial command to the input terminal.
  • Support USB online firmware upgrades and GUI graphical user interface upgrades;
  • Support power off memory function.