High Speed Surface Mount Camera

High Speed Surface Mount Camera




* 18 times optical zoom, f=4.1mm(wide)-73.8mm(tele), F=1.4-F3.0.

* 960TVL.

* High strength double glazed aluminium lunkerite bottom canopy, high temperature resistance and resistant to corrosion.

* 360°continuous ro tation, th e m ax s peed 3 00°/s.

* 4 roads alarm input and one road alarm output.

* 6 roads programmable tour check, 128 pre-points, with self-learning function.

* OSD display English menu, pre-point title and camera address, etc. Displayable.

* Integrated multi protocols, baud rate optional, multi-cameras self-adaptation and standard RS-485 control.

* Packed ports, with hot plug function, convenient for aloft working.

* Zone hidden selection function (max 8 programmable hidden zones).

* Built in 3KV lightning protection, surge protection and instant over voltage protection.

* Adopt all-weather shield, built in automatic thermostatic apparatus.

* Adopt AC24V power and line lock available.

* About forty four hundred thousand pixel, 12 times digital zoom.

* Lowest illumination: 1.0LX (standard) (F1.4,5OIRE).


Model NV-ACS-604-699
Horizontal Turning 0°~300°/s
Vertical Rotation 0°~120°/s
Level Angle 360°Infinite p lace
Vertically Angle 90°(180°automatic rol ling-over)
Pre-points 128 Pieces (max)
Control method multi protocol RS485
Relative Humidity 90%
Working Temperature 0℃~50℃
Power AC 24V
Power Consumption 20VA
Dimensions 205x195mm
Weight 2kg