Weatherproof Emergency Intercom Panel

Weatherproof Emergency Intercom Panel



It is the professional outdoor one-key emergency network intercom terminal, which is designed for those places such as safe city, large-scale park, tunnel, mine, etc. It also can be used for broadcast and playing background music.


* It is full metal case piano stoving varnish technique, its case is anti-explosion and waterproof, sturdy and durable, which can be fixed in outside montant or wall mount installation.

* This equipment is adopted embedded computer technique and DSP audio processing technique design, which is used a high-speed industrial chip with a starting time less than 1 second.

* It is a built-in 1 network hardware audio decoding module, supports TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast) protocol, which can realize the networking transferring 16 bit CD sound quality of the audio signal.

* It is a built-in voice intercom communication module, supports full-duplex voice intercom and communication with high-performance DSP audio processing, which supports digital echo cancellation and audio compression function.

* It is a built-in 5W HIFI full-range speaker to have clear and loud sound; it is a built-in 30W digital constant impedance amplifier, which can circumscribe the impedance column speaker to suit outside sound reinforcement needs.

* It is a built-in high sensitivity microphone and supports hands-free calls, self-defined answering. Its sound collecting zone is very large and the tone reducibility is high.

* It is a built-in monitoring function, supports service grade recording management. It is built-in audio signal line output, which can be joined to the monitoring system.

* It has 1 short circuit input and 1 short circuit output terminal, short circuit input suits for the linkage signal data collection of those places such as tunnel, while short circuit output suits for safe city monitoring video linkage.

* It has an energy-saving management switch, when there is no broadcasting or seeks help, digital amplifier power supply is off and opens the energy-saving mode.

* 1 DC24V power supply output, which is used to circumscribe alarm lamp equipment to offer the power.

* It supports self-defined calling target, quick one-key call, one-key emergency.

* It supports all kinds off call strategies, including call forwarding, nobody answering reminding.

* It supports forwarding time, self-defined ring time.

* It supports presetting quick-playing programs, network remote triggering program playing.

* It supports self-fined hand-up mode, which can choose initiative or passive mode.

* It is the high-protection grade: IP55 design, the whole is adopted steel case and tearing down-proof screw, anti-explosion, waterproof, anti-needling.

* It supports those network structure, such as a router, switches, network bridge gateway, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, single playing.

* It is digital products with easy dilatation, no geographic position limitation. There is no need to add computer lab management equipment to adopt the design idea of the sharing network to save network construction, which is much convenient to install.

* Can be customized 24V DC power supply to meet the needs of outdoor solar batteries.



Model NV-IPIS-IPIS-430
Network Connector Standard RJ45 Input
Support Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast)
Audio Mode MP3
Sampling Rate 8K~48KHz
Transmission Speed 100Mbps
Audio Module 16 bit CD quality
Output Frequency 80Hz~16KHz
THD ≤1%
SNR >65dB
Environment Temperature -20℃~60℃
Environment Humidity 20%~80% Relative humidity, no condensation
Power Consumption ≤40W
Output Power Supply ~220-240V 50/60Hz
Protection Grade IP55
Size 290×168×133mm
Weight 4.2Kg