Weatherproof Emergency Intercom Panel

Weatherproof Emergency Intercom Panel



The NV-IPIS-IPIS-431 is an intercom terminal for an emergency with one button for help function, it is professional communication system for the city, large park, tunnel, mining plant, can be used for broadcasting and playing the background music.


* Simple, graceful, use the anti-tamper screw design, high strength panel of 6 mm anti-oxidation

alloy, matched with aluminum mounting box to support with both embedded mount installation or surface mount installation.

* Embedded PC technology, built-in DSP, and high-speed industrial chip to ensure start time less than 1 second.

* Built-in single network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (Multicast) protocol, transmit a 16-bit audio signal as same as CD quality through network transmission.

* Built-in voice intercom call module, supports full-duplex voice intercom and conversation, with high-performance DSP sound processing technology, support digital echo elimination and audio compression.

* Built-in 3W high-fidelity all frequency speaker to ensure the voice clear and loud, built-in 10W digital rated impedance amplifier to connect with 10W rated impedance speaker.

* Built-in high sensitivity microphone, support hands-free calls, and customized answer way to

achieve a large range of sound acquisition and high sound reduction degree.

* Built-in monitor function, support management of recording, built-in auxiliary audio IO, can be integrated with surveillance system seamlessly.

* Built-in security guards’ night patrol and sign in data collection function.

* Built-in access state return, access control, fire alarm control, camera tracking, and security

functions, etc.

* Support customizes call target, one key to making a fast call and a key for asking help.

* Support multiple call strategy, including call waiting, call forwarding, an unanswered reminder.

* Support customize the time setting of call forwarding, no one answered, call waiting.

* Support for manual and automatic call forwarding can set the forwarding phone number.

* Support for preset shortcut key to broadcast the audio program in the media library, and support for network remote broadcast of the audio program.

* Support customize hang up mode, Support for preset shortcut key to broadcast the audio program in the media library, and support for network remote broadcast of the audio program.

* Support PSTN phone broadcast and text broadcast.

* Support WIFI on-demand and on-demand of wireless remote control.

* Protection grade is IP55, adopt alloy material and anti-dismantle screw.

* Support DHCP, compatible routers, switches, Bridges, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, arbitrary, multicast, etc.

* Support at least three high-security authorization IP configuration schemes, the safety level is much higher than the remote configuration scheme.

* Authorization operations management functions, support the server configuring and managing the user and password.

* Support play function work normally and smoothly during digital audio breakpoint to ensure

Broadcast synchronization.

* Support prompt function of new configuration intelligent voice reminder.

* Support ESD protection. Built-in network isolation anti-thunder processing circuit.

* Easy to expand, without being limited by the geographical position. No need for increase

management equipment of engine room, simple installation for with network construction design concept.


Model NV-IPIS-IPIS-431
Network Interface Standard RJ45 input
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast)
Audio Format MP3
Sampling Rate 8K~48KHz
Transmission Speed 100Mbps
Audio Mode 16-bit CD sound quality
Frequency Response 80Hz~16KHz
T.H.D. ≤1%
S/N Ratio >70dB
Audio Input Level 350mV, industrial standard press-line connecting terminals
Built-in Speaker Impedance & Power 8Ω/3W
Speaker Output Impedance & Power 4Ω, 10W, industrial standard press-line connecting terminals
Output level 1000mV, industrial standard press-line connecting terminals
Temperature -20℃~60℃
Humidity 20%~80% Relative humidity, without condensation
Power Consumption ≤20W
Input Power Supply ~190-240V 50/60Hz (power adapter) DC24V/2A
Protection Level IP55
Dimensions 210 x 105 x 56 mm
Weight 1Kg