4 Channel Optical Fiber Input Card

4 Channel Optical Fiber Input Card



Specifically designed for digital HD Mixed insertion Matrix Switcher, it supports four channels high-speed dual-core LC fiber interface input and also supports digital 1080P HD signal. Farthest transmission distance can reach 20km. Integrated board card design. It can choose the quantity of board card at will as needed, which brings much convenience for applications and maintenance.


  • 4- channel optical fiber signal input.
  • The highest resolution ratio supported can reach 1080P.
  • Can be applied for LC dual-core signal and multimode technology, and the farthest transmission distance can reach 20km.
  • full-digital zero compression technique of high-performance signal transmission is applied.
  • The biggest resolution ratio input supported: HDPC: 1920 x 1200P@60_24bit, HDTV: 1920 x l080P@60_36bit.
  • Plug and play, very convenient




Input 4-channel Optical Fiber Signal (Double core and single-mode)
Input Connector 4-channel LC Optical Fiber Connector
Transmission power -5dB (Standard)
Maximum Wastage 13dB
Wavelength Multimode 850nm /Single mode: 1310 – 1620nm (Optional)
Multimode Fiber Standard 50/125µm
Signal Mode Fiber Standard 9/125µm
Bandwidth Of Port 3.25Gbps, Full digital
Clock Jitter <0.15 Tbit
Rise time <0.3 Tbit (20%–80%)
Fulltime <0.3 Tbit (20%–80%)
Farthest Output Distance 0M3 For Multimode
Max power consumption 8W
Product Weight 0.8kg