Chairman/Delegate Of Digital Interpretation Conference System

Chairman/Delegate Of Digital Interpretation Conference System



* The microphone adopts a 48KHZ sampling rate, higher than the CD sound quality, the voice is clear and bright. Internal DSP audio processing, there is no low-frequency sound.

* Support timekeeping of speech (charged according to speech time).

* Delegate unit has applied for speech function, the chairman unit can approve the applicant.

* Internal feedback inhibition function, can effectively prevent the noise.

* The Microphone has the voice control function, an intelligent turn on the microphone.

* 5 Section EQ regulating function, different sound effects can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the speaker’s voice, to achieve the perfect effect.

* The chairman has the priority function, can turn off the Microphone of delegate units during the speech.

* 4.3 inches TFT true color touch screen, simple operation, friendly use function.

* With 100M network transmission to realize hand in hand cascade, the Sound quality will not have any effect in long-distance transmission.

* With functions of IC CARDS signed in can show participants’ unique characteristics.

* Support the vote, election, rating function, chairman unit can set vote, check-in. can do data statistics without PC.

* With the function of electronic table stands, with full view large LCD to shows the person’s name, can quickly update the display information through PC.

* Can choose to receive 31 + 1 channel language.

* The microphone button design adopts advanced P + R buttons design, to ensure the venue without tapping sound during operation.



Model NV-ACS-200-713 NV-ACS-200-A714
Microphone types Heart-shaped directivity electret Heart-shaped directivity electret
Microphone frequency response 100Hz ~ 16KHz 100Hz ~ 16KHz
Input impedance 1KΩ 1KΩ
The sensitivity – 46 dBV/Pa – 46 dBV/Pa
SNR > 80 dB > 80 dB
THD < 0.1% < 0.1%
Maximum power consumption 2.5W 2.5W
Headset load 32Ω 32Ω
The headset volume Maximum 40 mW Maximum 40 mW
Headphone output interface 3.5 mm mono socket 3.5 mm mono socket
The connection way Special cable core (6 core) Special cable core (6 core)
The following specification IEC 60914 IEC 60914