HD Video Conference Communication Multi-point Server(Support 16 Users)

HD Video Conference Communication Multi-point Server(Support 16 Users)



With cloud architecture, support a distributed MCU, any MCU damage or stop working does not affect the normal use of the entire system, as long as there is a MCU running, the entire conference can still run. Support MCU resource pool function, Multiple MCUs can be combined into a variety of cascading modes, including tree cascade, mesh cascade and “pool”, in this MCU “pool”, the resources can be shared scheduling, and they can back up each other. At any time, you can select the backup MCU to take over the conference, you can set the policy to specify the MCU of the pool for backup, backup part of the meeting can automatically connect to the original conference.


  • Large capacity: stand-alone support maximum 120 users, support cascade, supporting more than
  • 1000 users, and upgrade to the cloud computing platform can support unlimited users.
  • HD (1080P60), low latency (less than 200ms), low bandwidth (1M can open 1080P HD meeting).
  • Conforms to ITU H.323 and IETF SIP standards; compatible with SIP.
  • Video standard support H.264 High-profile, H.264 SVC.
  • Video resolution: QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 480P, D1, 720P, 1080P24, 1080P25, 1080P30, 1080P50, 1080P60.
  • Support mixed speed, mixed video format, mixed protocol meeting.
  • Support H.239 digital dual-stream technology, the main and auxiliary flow can reach 1080P60.
  • Double stream video: XGA, 720P, 640 × 480, 1280 × 1024, 1080P (1-60 frames).
  • Supports lip sync / multiple mix / echo cancellation / automatic gain / noise cancellation / closed / mute / phantom power supply.
  • Support multi-screen, a variety of common multi-screen layout, up to 16 frames per screen; support automatic split screen.
  • Support a variety of conference modes: director conference mode, chairman meeting mode, MCU call mode, conference room mode, broadcast mode, free mode.
  • Support breakpoint re-invitation function.
  • Support camera remote control.
  • Support in Chinese & English subtitles.
  • Support voice priority, support QoS policy, and support H.235 signaling encryption, AES media stream encryption.
  • Password can be set to join the password like conference control password and administrator password, to ensure the safety of the meeting.
  • With dual 100M / 1000M network interface, it can be adapted to DDN, ISDN, ATM, SDH, VPN, satellite lines, ADSL and other lines.
  • With the ability to cross routers and firewalls to ensure security of system, support dual network access.
  • With Chinese and English management interface, achieve management in Chinese & English WEB, in line with Chinese habits.
  • Achieve equipment management, user management, conference management through the Web, support Telnet, SSH and other remote maintenance methods, and district management according to user characteristics, regional characteristics of the.
  • Support multi-level network video management, also supports flat network management.
  • Support to extend redundant power supply module and dual power input.
  • Support home network without special network.
  • No mosaic design, proprietary to DE mosaicking technology.
  • Super network adaptability, protect the smooth flow of the meeting according to the network automatically adjust the resolution.
  • Support PC, mobile office, support 3G, 4G mobile, easily use for traveling.
  • Support API docking with the third-party OA system , make appointments for meeting according to initiate applications, multi-level approval, final decision and other processes, achieve the scattered or centralized hierarchical management functions of daily meetings