Embedded Voting Chairman Delegate Unit

Embedded Voting Chairman Delegate Unit



* Embedded design of easy installation and combination.

* With voting, scoring and contribution function.

* Contribution of ok, objection and abstain.

* Voting of 1, 2, 3 & 4 options.

* Scoring of –, -, +, ++.

* Easy combination with microphone units.

* Chairman unit with priority to start and stop the activity.

* Anti-interference design of more than 8,000V static electricity.


Model NV-ACS-604-A695
Power Supply DC24V by Controller
Cable Connector 8Pin
Earphone Output 9dBu,8-32Ω, 3.5mm phone jack
Microphone Type High directional Polar microphone
Dimension 129×45×35mm
Cutout Size 103×41×45mm
Weight 0.24Kg
Color Black